Online Event: Regional Conference on Health and Socioeconomic Well-Being of Older Persons in Developing Asia: Role of Individual and Household Data

By 2050, the population share of those 65 years old and above in Asia will double from 8.9% to 18.0%, significantly exceeding the 15.9% global average. Adopting technologies and policies that effectively address the health and socioeconomic implications of rapid population aging could support healthier, more educated, and more productive older workers and mitigate the negative impact of demographic change on economic development.

Quality microdata of older persons, such as individual and household data, and the rigorous analysis of it is vital for equipping governments to monitor living conditions as developing Asia’s population ages and make more informed decisions about healthcare, social security, and other social protection measures. Panel surveys, for example, could inform policymakers about changing demographics, health endowments, and the financial status and social conditions of the elderly.

The Asian Development Bank (ADB) has launched knowledge and support technical assistance (KSTA) for addressing challenges and opportunities of population aging in Asia, with a focus on improving data and analysis for healthy and productive aging. The KSTA aims to generate policy-relevant knowledge on population aging by (i) supporting the development of internationally comparable survey-based panel databases on aging in selected Asian countries; and (ii) coordinating comparative and demonstrative studies that help the region’s governments design and reform health, social security, and other aging-related policies.

Call for papers

Against this backdrop, ADB, the Asian Development Bank Institute (ADBI), and the Japan International Cooperation Agency Ogata Sadako Research Institute (JICA Ogata RI) for Peace and Development invite submissions of original, unpublished papers that examine the physical, mental, social, and economic well-being of older persons in Asia.

Selected papers will be featured during the virtual ADB-ADBI-JICA Ogata RI Conference on Health and Socioeconomic Well-Being of Older Persons in Developing Asia: Role of Individual and Household Data on 7–9 September 2021, Manila time zone.

Research papers in economics, business, and other related fields using micro data of older persons in the region, preferably panel data, are welcome. Topics of particular interest include:

  • Physical and mental well-being
  • Impact of universal health care
  • Employment and voluntary work
  • Economic security
  • Financial inclusion and literacy
  • Long-term care needs and family support
  • Gender dimension of aging
  • Impact evaluation of policy and other interventions
  • Survey methodology targeting older persons in Asia and the Pacific

Authors should submit their extended abstract or original full paper in English to Aiko Kikkawa Takenaka ([email protected]) and Lilibeth Poot ([email protected]) by 15 July 2021.