Online ADB Sanitation Dialogue 2021

The online event will gather representatives of ADB developing member countries, ADB specialists and project officers, and other decision-makers and development partners to discuss the latest sanitation strategies and tools, technical options, including new technologies and alternatives, integrating resilience, as well as ways to tap financing and leverage partnerships.

As the fourth edition of the dialogue, ASD 2021 aims to amplify awareness on citywide inclusive sanitation (CWIS), a systemic approach based on equity, safety, and sustainability. To avoid the unwelcome 2030 scenario of leaving people behind without adequate sanitation, this conference will focus strongly on practical solutions, addressing bottlenecks, and building capacity to reinforce the motivation for sanitation for all.

ASD 2021 aims to share knowledge on developing and implementing inclusive sanitation through:

  • upfront presentations of the consequences of poor sanitation and polluted water sources;
  • heavy use of case studies to demonstrate solutions, including the CWIS approach;
  • focus on introducing resilience planning in CWIS strategy using urban climate change resilience tools;
  • use of smaller work groups to ensure greater focus on issues confronting developing members;
  • opportunities for ADB and partners to explain how they can be of practical assistance to developing members; and
  • ensuring developing member delegates leave with a sense of purpose and clear views on what actions they can take to accelerate their sanitation work programs

Virtual Event