Lives in the Balance - Improving the Health of Women, Children and Adolescents Through Universal Health Coverage (UHC)

The event will reconvene partners across the globe for a virtual summit to take stock of how COVID-19 is impacting the progress towards Universal Health Coverage (UHC) commitments. Following Lives in the Balance in July, this exciting and interactive event will:

  • Provide a space to reflect on progress and challenges and share best practices;
  • Identify ways to strengthen multi-stakeholder collaboration;
  • Mobilize meaningful action to protect the progress on UHC and women’s, children’s and adolescents’ health.
  • The event will provide an opportunity to launch both the inaugural State of UHC Commitment, which aims to provide a multi-stakeholder consolidated view on the state of progress towards Universal Health Coverage (UHC), and the political commitments to PMNCH's key COVID-19 Call to Action asks announced in July.

The summit takes place one day before the UHC Day on 12 December, which every year marks the anniversary of the first unanimous UN resolution calling for all nations to provide affordable, quality healthcare for all of their citizens. This year, UHC advocates will demand action on universal health coverage, which is critical for our lives, our livelihoods and our future.

Virtual Event | Time Zone: GMT -3