Leveraging Nexus-Enablers: Cash & Digital - Transcending contexts/ building financial resilience through Collaboration, post COVID-19

This interactive online webinar as part of the Humanitarian Networks Partnership Week (HNPW) - Leading Edge Programme (LEP) aims at fostering exchange, joint exploration of enhancing the humanitarian-development and peace nexus - focusing on "cash & digital" enablers. Based on the identified current challenges, as:

  • Gaps in strategic linkages between financial assistance transfers (cash, vouchers) to most vulnerable groups in humanitarian and fragile contexts and LICs, consistent complementary financial and digital literacy support
  • Increased vulnerabilities and dramatic socio-economic impact of COVID-19 pandemic on MSME owners, liquidity, planning security and loan repayments – secondary detrimental negative coping strategies affecting most vulnerable children(school dropout, child labour and child abuse) and women
  • Impact of multiple complex crisis shocks to already vulnerable population – mostly unbanked or only able to access mobile money accounts that may not come with financial literacy and longer-term individual economic resilience building service offers
  • Inconsistent programmes and national policies to leverage financial inclusion, resilience with targeted and conditional Cash, Voucher Programmes or Multipurpose assistance, informal community based social safety nets (like Savings/ Loans Groups) and Government led Social Protection mechanisms
  • Lack of interoperable digital platforms and/ or data privacy/ data protection standards & awareness

....panelists and participants will share experiences and best practises applying “cash & digital ecosystem” thinking from humanitarian to fragile to post-pandemic recovery contexts with information on:

  • Economic data about financial impact of COVID19 on SG members, esp. vulnerability aspects, gender
  • Digital technologies – opportunities and frontiers of feasibility, gaps, and use to bridge and strengthen nexus programming (digital cash, digital SGs, digital pathways to micro-finance and recovery loans services & products) – build financial resilience with vulnerable groups, in fragile and remote contexts throughout pandemic
  • Strengthen intentional complementarity of informal social safety nets (e.g. Community Savings Groups) and formal Safety Nets (e.g. Government-led Social Protection assistance transfers)
  • Explore how local contextualized but systemic HDPN approaches in a new, “post-“COVID-19 world…can look like -  for more sustainability and impact – with transparency

Contributors/ speakers:

Martina Crailshaim (VisionFund, Director for Savings Group Linkages)

Angeline Munzara (World Vision Global Livelihoods Sector Lead)

Wes Wasson (CEO DreamStart Labs)

Kathryn Taetzsch (Global Director, Humanitarian Partnerships, Cash Based Programming), WVI

Moderator: Sarah Ward (SEEP Network)

Date/ Time +Time Zone -  22 April, 2 pm UTC as replica session (virtual via zoom)