Launch of Joint Donor Principles on Interoperability of Data in Humanitarian Cash Programmes

Despite considerable leaps forward in cash programming in recent years – including a significant scale-up in volume and ground-breaking agreement on cash coordination – many barriers remain to realising the true potential of humanitarian cash.

One such barrier is poor interoperability: the inability of cash actors to share data, access datasets, and ensure programming is not duplicative. This challenge is not unique to cash programming, but cash can be an entry point to systemic change on this issue.

The Donor Cash Forum, a group of major governmental humanitarian donors supporting cash assistance, wants to help overcome this barrier to unlock more efficient and safer cash at scale.

It is thus with great pleasure that we invite you to the launch of the Donor Cash Forum Principles on Interoperability of Data in Humanitarian Cash Programming.

The virtual event will be generously hosted by the CALP Network on Wednesday, 7 September at 2.00-3.30 PM GMT and is intended for implementing agencies and donors at country, regional and global level. Please register at the link here and share widely within your networks.

The event will enable participants to understand why interoperability is a key strategic priority for donors, and feel ownership of the principles to galvanise change in their own contexts/organisation.