Launch of the INSP!R: The future of social protection

Simultaneous interpretation will be provided in English, French, Spanish and Dutch.

Social protection is not a privilege, but a human right. It is also the best insurance against inequalities, poverty and exclusion. To guarantee this right to social protection for all, WSM connects close to 100 social movements across 24 countries in Africa, Latin America, Asia and Belgium. These different actors complement each other, providing very concrete social protection services for people who are far too often excluded from existing schemes nowadays: working women and men in the informal economy, people in precarious jobs, people living and working in rural areas, ….

Services that protect people’s rights, prevent negative impact from the hazards of life, promote better living conditions and thus lay the basis for these organisations to transform existing social protection policies and make them more inclusive, more comprehensive and more effective. Leaving no one behind, in practice!

These joint efforts, around a shared vision and common strategies, to extend social protection to all, started off in 2008, at national level. In 2014 these national networks joined forces at continental level and finally in 2019 they decided to work together as well at international level. This global network now goes by the name “ INSP!R”,  the International Network for Social Protection Rights. As INSP!R, we promote and defend the universal right to social protection; we claim our role as key actors for change; we inspire widely supported social protection policies, for everyone and throughout one’s life. Want to learn more about this civil society network, please be our guest on Thursday 3 rd of February 2022.

The event will have representatives of different social movements speaking about their experiences on the ground; furthermore, we will have a number of key allies of the network, with whom we work closely together to achieve USP, expressing their views on our cooperation and the challenges ahead. Prof Rachel Sabates-Wheeler (IDS, UK), Ms Shahra Razavi (ILO, Director Social Protection Department) and Mamadou Diallo (ITUC, Deputy Secretary General) are among them.

Registration by email to: [email protected]