Inequalities in access to health: the centrality of Primary Health Care to advance towards universal health

The COVID-19 pandemic has been a historic opportunity to highlight the centrality of people's health for sustainable development, which consists of the intersection of inclusive economic development, inclusive social development, and environmental sustainability (United Nations, 1987). The crises triggered by the pandemic have demonstrated how health promotes inclusive economic and social development, as only healthy populations can achieve their potential in these areas. At the same time, the unequal impact of the pandemic has reminded us that health is subject to the economic, social, and environmental conditions that enable people to live a healthy life and exercise their right to health, once again revealing that health is essential for sustainable development. Therefore, strengthening healthcare systems and investing in population health is also an investment in sustainable development.

The objective of this event, that will be held in a hybrid format, is to delve into the main obstacles and barriers that the population faces in access, as well as the Primary Health Care (PHC) strategy as a tool to achieve universal health, providing an opportunity to reflect with authorities and/or specialists from each country on the main challenges their health systems face in terms of universality and the lessons learned from systems with a consolidated strategy.