Income inequality, gender and the role of tax and transfers

This event presents the findings of ODI’s recent work on the role of tax and transfers in addressing income inequality across countries with different income levels.

Our reports review the evidence for the impact of fiscal policies on income inequality, including income inequality between men and women (forthcoming); the principles and considerations in designing and strengthening tax and transfer systems to address income inequality; and how this may vary across countries. They also examine current practices and consider whether they may or may not address income inequality and poverty reduction goals in a cost-effective way. New results on the impact of personal income tax on income inequality in Sub-Saharan Africa will be also presented.

This event appeals to policymakers from countries of varying levels of development, multi-disciplinary researchers, and stakeholders shaping the debate and policies in this area. It aims to contribute to the debate on the design of equitable tax systems (building on the Addis Tax Initiative agenda) and explore ways in which countries can expand social protection coverage in relation to the Sustainable Development Goals.

Finally, it builds on previous ODI events on inequality and social protection, including the roundtable held in February 2023 on the use of distributional analysis in fiscal policy-making. It aims to provide a unique opportunity to bring together both tax and spending perspectives, focusing on the use of a range of fiscal policy instruments to address inequalities.