ILO Global Summit - COVID-19 and the World of Work

Aims of the Global Summit:

To maintain the ILO's connectivity with its global tripartite constituency during the period of interruption of meetings of its statutory bodies and other activities.
To provide a high-profile global platform for the tripartite constituents to address the economic and social impact of the Covid-19 pandemic.
To focus particularly on the application and relevance of the Centenary Declaration for the Future of Work to the post-pandemic recovery.   

More information on the ILO website and on the ILO Global Concept Note.


Full Programme:

Regional Events

1 July
Europe and Central Asia regional event
09:00 GMT-3 - 12:30 GMT-3

Speakers: Alexander Shokhin, Conny Czymoch, Hubertus Heil, Anton Kotyakov, Nicolas Schmit, Luca Visentini, Renate Hornung-Draus, Ana Mendes Godinho, Boris Zürcher, Therese Svanström, Nozim Khusanov, Eva Nordmark, Maria Hanzevacki, Kris de Meester, Diaz Yolanda, Irakli Petriashvili, Heinz Koller

Arab States regional event
05:00 GMT-3 - 08:30 GMT-3

Speakers: Coming soon

2 July
Asia and the Pacific regional event
02:00 GMT-3 - 05:00 GMT-3

Speakers: Coming soon

Africa regional event
07:00 GMT-3 - 10:00 GMT-3

Speakers: Coming soon

Americas regional event
12:00 GMT-3 - 15:30 GMT-3

Speakers: Coming soon

Global Events

7 July
Regional Day
09:00 GMT-3 - 12:00 GMT-3

Speakers: Guy Ryder

8 July
Global Leaders’ Day
10:00 GMT-3 - 14:00 GMT-3

Speakers: Guy Ryder, António Guterres

9 July
ILO Constituents’ Day
09:21 GMT-3 - 14:21 GMT-3

Speakers: Coming soon

All events are scheduled to allow remote participation from all time zones and will be broadcast live with interpretation in several languages.