ECHO EHF HT: Nexus "Cash" (Efficiency) in Anticipatory Action & Social Protection

Today, 27 of the 35 countries most affected by climate change are experiencing extreme food insecurity, with potentially additional 8 to 80 million people facing hunger by 2050. Climate change induced disasters substantively increased in frequency, severity across the globe , affecting poorest, already vulnerable populations, feeding into conflict and displacement. The calculations of the Global Commission on Adaptation, indicate an investment of US$800 million on early warning systems and Social Protection leveraging Anticipatory Action in developing countries could avoid losses of $USS 3–16 billion per year.

While COP27 pledges increase, opportunities of leveraging existing cost-efficient, impactful approaches, tools and systems, creating synergies require more attention. This session will draw lessons learnt from different local, national and regional actors on Anticipatory Action (AA), with the ASEAN Framework on AA to take necessary steps via 1) risk information, forecasting and early warning systems; (2) planning, operations and delivery; and (3) pre-arranged finance. Cash transfers in humanitarian pre-disaster scenarios as proven cost-efficient, strengthen humanitarian-development-peace nexus, but timing and triggers for cash-outs and linkages to Social Protection systems are critical. Panelists and audience will explore drivers and enabling factors for AA from reference cases, including resilience building and conflict prevention, gender-sensitive programming to reduce future costs, leveraging locally developed SOP, which will contribute to recommendations.


Nordic EU MS (NL) - ECHO Project Partners Vietnam (CARE, PLAN, WV Vietnam, WVNetherlands, Local Partner organization); Vietnam Institute of Meteorology, Hydrology and Climate Change (IMHEN); Collaborative Cash Delivery (CCD)


Opening Remarks: Ms. Marriët Schuurman, the Director of the Department for Stabilization and Humanitarian Aid at the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs


  • Ms Ha Nguyen, Gender Specialist, CARE International Vietnam
  • Mr. Tran Dinh Trong, Head of Applied Climate Division, Institute of Meteorology, Hydrology & Climate Change (IMHEN), Vietnam
  • Mr. Le Van Duong is currently the National Humanitarian & Emergency Affairs/Disaster Risk Reduction (HEA/DRR) Manager with World Vision in Vietnam


Concluding Remarks: Mr. Massimo La Rosa, ECHO Global Thematic Adviser Migration, Forced Displacement & Social Protection


Moderator: Dr. Kathryn Taetzsch, CCD Global Co-Lead (& Global Director, Humanitarian Partnerships & Cash Voucher Programmes)