e-Conference: Turning the COVID-19 crisis into an opportunity: What’s next for social protection?

The e-conference aims to provide an opportunity for taking stock of, exchanging information about and facilitating learning on social protection responses to COVID-19. It will also offer a moment to brainstorm about the future of social protection in the context of the pandemic, besides celebrating the achievements of the socialprotection.org platform over its five years of activity.

The e-conference will include a mix of panel sessions with inputs from policymakers and practitioners from countries of the global South, as well as international development partners and researchers, and collaborative interactive sessions among all attendees, guided by experts on specific topics. Active participation of all attendees will be highly encouraged.

Various formats will be used during the three days of the conference:

  • Day 1 will discuss the guiding questions framing the event through a regional lens. Day 1 sessions will take place in three different time zones (Asia and Pacific/Africa and the Middle East/Latin America and the Caribbean);
  • Day 2 will provide an open space with a thematic lens to focus on specific questions related to social protection responses to COVID-19 and beyond. Three different session formats will be provided, which can be offered throughout two different time zones (Asia-Pacific and Latin America and the Caribbean);
  • Day 3 will apply a global lens, bringing together all participants across different time zones. 

Throughout the e-conference, virtual tools will be provided to allow all participants to document their personal learning journey and share the results with the audience.

English will be main language used in the e-conference. To ensure smooth communication among all participants, simultaneous translation into French and Spanish will be provided for almost all sessions on day 1 and day 3. On day 2, hosts will be able to choose the language to be used in their sessions.

*Side events will take place on Oct 7.

Registration is now open.