Digitalisation of social security

The EC-funded MoveS network (Free Movement and Social Security Coordination) will organise a seminar in Ljubljana (Slovenia) on 10 June 2022. The seminar is being organised by MoveS in collaboration with its Slovenian national expert, Grega Strban. MoveS is an EC-funded network of independent experts from 32 European countries coordinated by Eftheia and Deloitte.

Digitalisation of social security is a topic high on the agenda in Slovenia. The first EESSI documents were exchanged between SI and AT. Experts from national social security institutions (pension, health and unemployment insurance, possibly also family benefits and social assistance carriers, and tax authority) will explain how far digitalisation has come in Slovenia and what are the challenges in cross-border situations. Visiting experts and the EC will provide the European perspective. Additionally, it will be explored if digitalisation actually provides for equal and facilitated access to social security benefits, what challenges it brings and what the solutions could be pro futuro.

Participation in the seminar is free of charge. Please note that all costs connected to the participation to the seminar (travel, accommodation) are at the participants' expense. Admission is subject to availability of seating.

Language interpretation from Slovenian to English and from English to Slovenian will be provided.