Capacity Building Workshop for Child Rights Social Workers Combating Child Labour after Disasters

Around 1.1 million children in Nepal up to age of 15 years are away from home (Centre Bureau of Stastic,2011) .These children are living either with their employers or in the streets, trafficked, unaccompanied and institutionalized. Among them 304,000 children are living with employers,( CWISH 2012). Among them, 5 – 17 years, 40.4 % are economically active, out of which 1.6 million children are engaged in labor ,0.62 million in hazardous forms and 0.126 million in worst forms of child labor (NLFS, 2008).

The devastating 2015 earthquake in Nepal caused the death of 2,598 children, 1272 children injured, 1642 children have become orphan (156 lost both parents, 735 lost mother, 751 lost father), 226 separated, 113 unaccompanied, 418 rescued (child protection subcluster,2015). More than 2.8 million people are homeless out of them 1.1 million are children. If the ratio of child labor is considered at pre-earthquake, an additional 154,000 are at risk of coming into labor,(D& S, 2015).

Social Workers Association of Nepal and Nepal School of Social Work is recognising the value of social work interventions in this alarming situation. To respond efficiently as social workers to the post disaster situation this two days workshop is organised in collaboration with International Federation of Japan to bring focus to the double disaster and strengthen the capacity of social worker.