Book Launch: Exploring Universal Basic Income

Universal basic income (UBI) is emerging as one of the most hotly debated issues in development and social protection policy. But what are the features of UBI? What is it meant to achieve? How do we know, and what don’t we know, about its performance? What does it take to implement it in practice?

Drawing from global evidence, literature, and survey data, Exploring Universal Basic Income provides a framework to elucidate issues and trade-offs in UBI with a view to help inform choices around its appropriateness and feasibility in different contexts.


Michal Rutkowski

Global Director, Social Protection & Jobs, The World Bank


Opening Remarks

Margaret Grosh

Senior Adviser, Social Protection & Jobs, The World Bank



Ugo Gentilini

Global Lead for Safety Nets, Social Protection & Jobs, The World Bank



Carolina Sanchez-Paramo

Global Director, Poverty and Equity Global Practice, The World Bank

David Coady

Division Chief, Expenditure Policy Division, The International Monetary Fund

Alex Yuster

Associate Director, Program Division, UNICEF


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