2023 Kenya Social Protection Conference

The Social Protection Conference 2023 to be held under the theme ‘Accelerating Inclusive and Integrated Social Protection System in Kenya: Strategies for Expansion of Coverage and Improved Shock Responsiveness’ will provide an opportunity for the sector to advance the social protection agenda with a view of ensuring increased coverage and access. The objective of SPC 2023 is to chart the way towards inclusion and expansion of social protection for all Kenyans. This also includes strengthening coverage and adequacy of social protection in the country.

Limited coverage in social protection is experienced by segments of the population including children, older persons, persons with disabilities, youth, and women. This also is experienced more specifically by minority groups, workers, migrants, refugees, unemployed persons and those in the Jua Kali sector.

Promoting inclusive social protection will ensure that vulnerable groups are cushioned from poverty, social exclusion and deprivation throughout the lifecycle. Inclusion will promote active participation of citizens in different facets of society. It is key to building resilience for all against shocks and crises over the life cycle.