Global gender response tracker: Monitoring how women’s needs are being met by pandemic responses

COVID-19 is hitting women hard. Without decided action, the pandemic risks erasing the important but fragile progress that women have made in recent decades. What are governments doing to prevent backsliding and protect women’s rights? To answer this question, UN Women and UNDP developed the COVID-19 Global Gender Response Tracker – a unique database that monitors policy responses to the pandemic. It focuses on measures that address three key challenges: the surge in violence against women and girls, the unprecedented increase in unpaid care work, and the large-scale loss of jobs, incomes and livelihoods. As of March 2021, the tracker has compiled over 3,100 policy measures across 219 countries and territories. In addition to policy measures, the most recent update of the tracker now includes a brand-new dataset on women’s representation in COVID-19 task forces. Here, we provide a snapshot of the findings.