Aparajita Singh

Product Manager, R&D,

I currently work for Dvara E-Registry as a Product Manager, Research & Development. Dvara E-Registry is an agtech start up in India aiming to be the financial inclusion and productivity enabling platform for all stakeholders in the agricultural value chain. I previously worked for the Social Protection Initiative at Dvara Research where my research focused on protecting households’ human capital from various shocks faced across the lifecycle and hedging longevity risk. This involved examining the design and delivery architecture of insurance schemes, pension schemes and social safety nets. I completed my Masters in Regulatory Governance from Tata Institute of Social Sciences, Mumbai. I also hold a PGD in Urban Environmental Management and Law from NLU-D and WWF. I've interned with the Competition Commission of India where I worked on the Regulatory Challenges in the Microfinance Sector. I have also interned with FIAN International’s Lucknow Chapter where I worked on the Right to Land and Right to Food. My ancillary research interests include the agrarian crisis in India and the role of collectives like Farmer Producer Companies in providing solutions for it.