Valentina Barca

Valentina is a senior consultant (formerly working within OPM's Poverty and Social Protection portfolio) with a focus on how delivery systems (e.g design and implementation aspects) can facilitate responsiveness and effectiveness of social protection systems. Her key areas of interest in recent years have been on integrated data and information management, shock responsiveness, digital identity, voice and accountability mechanisms, and rigorous and user-focused M&E systems - all applied to the field of social protection and including research and policy design work in Asia, Africa and Latin America. Over the past 10 years Valentina has contributed to the debate on cash transfers and social protection more widely, including work on DFID’s shock responsive social protection global study (and WFP’s Latin American follow-up); ILO and EU-SPS’s TRANSFORM curriculum on building and managing social protection floors in Africa; DFID’s most recent systematic review on the impact of cash transfers (with ODI); and DFAT’s research on data and information integration in the social protection sector.