Gbenga Shadare

Social Protection Specialist, Centre for Social Protection and Policy Studies, University of Lagos, University of Sheffield, University of Lagos

I am completing my doctorate degree (PhD) in Sociology (Social Protection) at the University of Sheffield. My research is focused on Nigeria's social protection. I have been involved with social protection for over decade. Prior to this, I was in the financial services industry for over two and a half decades, mostly working and living in and out of Africa. I left this career to pursue a lifetime passion in social justice advocacy. I ended up returning to the university in the UK to complete a Masters degree in Public Policy at the University of Nottingham before ending up at University of Sheffield where I am about to complete my PhD. Since relocating to the UK in 2007, I worked briefly in International Development consulting, specifically focusing on Africa. Over the course of my work in social policy development, I have done a variety of consulting assignments on social protection for a number of countries in Africa. I have also engaged with the promotion of learning and educational support for informal social workers in Nigeria as well as policymakers involved in the implementation of Nigeria's social protection policy.
I co-founded the Centre for Social Protection and Policy Studies at the University of Lagos, Nigeria. This goal is that the centre will become an invaluable knowledge platform for the diffusion and promotion of social protection and all its facets to policymakers and practitioners. The Centre for Social Protection and Policy Studies, University of Lagos, will also help to deepen knowledge and understanding of the myriad aspects of social protection systems as well as serve as a resource centre to help promote and diffuse knowledge of social protection systems in different countries.