COVID-19 Aftershocks: Out of Time to End Hunger and Child Poverty by 2030

World Vision recently conducted a rapid assessment in 24 countries across the Africa, Asia and Latin America region on COVID-19 impacts on household income and impacts on children. The title of the report is: COVID-19: OUT OF TIME: As Families' Incomes plummet, millions more children go hungry and are forced to work and beg. World Vision is launching this report as part of the UN High Level Political Forum side events (Tuesday, 7 July, to Thursday, 16 July 2020) to highlight implications of COVID-19 on food security and livelihoods, in a global context where progress on reducing hunger and ending poverty by 2030 is being reversed.

This interactive session brings together experts currently leading some of the most challenging interventions to reach those hit the hardest by this pandemic, especially women and children.  Setting the scene will be an adolescent from either Latin America, Sub-Saharan Africa or Asia region representing a voice of the most vulnerable, sharing his/her personal experiences on how COVID -19 has affected his family and surrounding community. The expert panel will share their thoughts on the recommendations from this timely report and offer perspectives from their experiences on concrete actions needed to be taken to help secure the livelihoods and food security of the poorest and most vulnerable.