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Recording of the webinar that continues the series on Shock Responsive Social Protection. Organised by the Oxford Policy Management, OPM


Weekly Social Protection Links: 11 September 2020

Weekly Social Protection Links: 04 September 2020

COVID-19 reached Latin-American countries slightly later than European countries, around February/March, allowing some emergency preparedness response in countries characterized by low health system capacities and socioeconomic disparities. This paper focuses on the first months of the pandemic in five Latin American countries: Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador and Peru. It analyses how the pre-pandemic context, and the government's responses in terms of containment and mitigation and economic measures have affected the COVID-19 health outcomes.


Justice Served: Jurisprudence that builds a Social Protection Legacy

Weekly Social Protection Links: 17 July 2020

Adaptations of School Feeding Programmes in Latin America and the Caribbean

Pensión 65: A Step Towards a Dignified Life for the Elderly

In this month, the Informal Economy Podcast: Social Protection tries to understand how the livelihoods of informal workers are being affected in two of the countries in Latin America most hit in the region by the Covid-19 crisis: Mexico and Peru. We invited two guests who are working closely with informal workers. From Mexico, Tania Espinoza, Mexico City Focal City Coordinator at WIEGO. And from Peru, we bring Carmen Roca, Lima Focal City Coordinator, also from WIEGO.


Universidad Continental

The Universidad Continental opened in the city of Huancayo under Resolution No. 429-98-CONAFU, of 30 June 1998. After about four years of operation, the National Council for the operating license of Universities (CONAFU) issued resolution No. 176-2002-CONAFU approving the university's adaptation to the Law of Promotion of Investment in Education, DL882.