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Republic of Malawi

Publication explores the impacts of Malawi's national unconditional cash transfer program targeting ultra-poor households on youth mental health. Experimental findings show that the program significantly improved mental health outcomes. Among girls in particular, the program reduces indications of depression by about 15 percentage points.


Building on government systems for shock preparedness and response: The role of social assistance data and information systems

The trend for conducting rigorous impact evaluations of development interventions has prompted many researchers to start looking more closely at public works programmes (PWPs). This study identifies design and implementation features that contribute to programme success or failure, highlighting which PWP model is appropriate in what context and why linkages to broader graduation strategies and other interventions are important.


Managing Disaster Differently: Shock-Sensitive Social Protection in Malawi

Why is social protection vital to ensure that no person with a disability is left behind?

From manual to digital: First hand insight into Malawi’s Social Cash Transfer

Rethinking Economic Inclusion for the Poorest in the COVID-19 Context

I have just read a paper on social protection in Africa with which I profoundly disagree. It has a good main title – “Beware of the Crocodile” – but it goes steadily downhill from there. Even the sub-title is misleading: “Quantitative Evidence on How Universal Old Age Grants Distort the Social Assistance Systems of Low-Income Countries”.


The Social Cash Transfer Programme (SCTP) targets ultra-poor, labor constrained households in all rural districts of the country. The Malawi National Social Support Programme (MNSSP II), which provides the strategic vision and implementation framework for the provision of social support in the country, explicitly recognizes social, demographic and life-cycle vulnerabilities in the population, and uses these vulnerabilities to develop a framework for action.


Centre for Social Research of the University of Malawi

The Centre for Social Research has an establishment of 11 academic and administrative staff. It housed by the Faculty of Social Science at Chancellor College.