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In countries with conditional cash transfer programs, volunteers or modestly-paid community workers often play a significant role in supporting beneficiaries in complying with the program requirements upon which their cash transfers are conditioned. Despite the important role that these community workers play, there is little research on their impact on the well-being of beneficiaries or on how best to recruit and select community workers in order to maximize productivity and beneficiary outcomes.


There is increasing global recognition, within governments and their partners, of the potential linkages between social protection and disaster risk management (DRM) in responding to and mitigating shocks. In the case of the LAC region, relatively advanced and large-scale social protection systems appear to be a unique opportunity to collaborate with emergency response.


Youth and Employment Programme, PJE

The aim of the programme is to improve the employability of low-income young people at social risk, by theoretical and practical training in classrooms and a first work experience through internships in companies, in order to provide them with skills and knowledge for the execution of a job and completing their formal education.

Progressing with Solidarity

Description: It is a social protection programme that links families living in extreme poverty to conditional cash transfers, targeted subsidies, socio-educative support, and promotes the access to public services to achieve an integral family development. Also, this programme operates through seven components seeking for capabilities building, values and empowerment.

Programa Solidaridad (Solidarity programme)

Description: Conditional cash transfer programme (CCT) developed after the economic crisis that hit the country in 2003. It is part of the Social Protection Network of the Dominican government. It has facilitated the implementation of new cash transfers to different target populations through the Solidarity Card and ADESS (Administrator of Social Subsidies).

We report the impacts of a job training program operated in the Dominican Republic. A random sample of applicants was selected to undergo training, and information was gathered 10–14 months after graduation. Unfortunately, people originally assigned to treatment who failed to show up were not included in the follow-up survey, potentially compromising the evaluation design. We present estimates of the program effect, including comparisons that ignore the potential nonrandomness of “no-show” behavior, and estimates that model selectivity parametrically.


This paper presents an impact evaluation of a revamped version of the Dominican Republic’s youth training program Juventud y Empleo. The paper analyzes the impact of the program on traditional labor market outcomes and on outcomes related to youth behavior and life style, expectations about the future and socio-emotional skills. In terms of labor market outcomes, the program has a positive impact on job formality for men of about 17 percent and there is also a seven percent increase in monthly earnings among those employed.


Dominican Republic - Ministerio de Trabajo, MT (Ministry of Labor)

El Ministerio de Trabajo es la más alta autoridad administrativa en las relaciones de trabajo asalariado dependiente del sector privado y organismos oficiales autónomos. Su visión es ser una institución eficiente, eficaz y concentrada en el desarrollo de las relaciones laborales y el fortalecimiento del mercado de trabajo, dentro de un marco de estricto respeto a la institucionalidad y las leyes.


República Dominicana - Vicepresidencia de la República Dominicana (Vice presidency of the Dominican Republic)

La Vicepresidencia de la República funge como órgano del gobierno del Estado y de máxima dirección de la Administración Pública, junto a la Presidencia de la República, el Consejo de Ministros y los ministerios creados por ley. La Vicepresidencia de la República Dominicana es un órgano de naturaleza unipersonal cuyo titular es el o la Vicepresidente, quien será colaborador inmediato del o la Presidente de la República en sus funciones como Jefe de Estado y de Gobierno, y ejercerá las funciones que aquel le atribuya de conformidad con la ley.