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Self-paced course
Heidelberg Institute of Global Health
Universität Heidelberg (Heidelberg University)
evaplan GmbH

Controlling in Health Insurance

Controlling means preparing facts with the aid of number-based analysis. The controllers or the company managers must draw the right conclusions from the data collected. In this course the students will see how controlling can be organized and explains which different forms of controlling exist. This course presents the various instruments of operational controlling at health insurance companies (HIC), what constitutes management/control during the year and what activities and instruments are behind them. The Controlling Information System used at HIC is an application for the holistic support of controlling as a management instrument. The strategic-process in a health insurance company, the principles of implementing and reporting of the strategic controlling are presented.

The short courses program offers an opportunity for customisation of the curriculum by request in order to meet specific capacity building needs at the institutional level in the area of social protection and quality improvement in health care.

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