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The last decades of the glorious revolution witnessed under the political leadership represented by His Excellency Ali Abdullah Saleh, President of the Republic, who gave the disabled a special attention and care to develop the abilities of the disabled and their skills and to blow up their creative energies in order to involve them in building society and making the future. The promulgation of Law No. 2 of 2002, and the promulgation of several laws, legislations and decrees guaranteeing the disabled their rights to lead a dignified life worthy of their humanity and dignity, as well as access to all the requirements and requirements of care and rehabilitation, are binding on both the individual and institutional levels. 

The establishment of a fund for the care and rehabilitation of the disabled was aimed at exploiting the human energy of the handicapped and involving it in construction and development. The achievement of such a noble goal will be achieved only by integrating the disabled with the various social strata and removing the handicapped from the state of disability and fear that it controls through the comprehensive rehabilitation and training processes and by social, psychological and medical care and by preparing all scientific and societal fields so that the disabled can contribute effectively to the building of society and its future development.