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The Georgia Center for Opportunity (GCO) is independent, non-partisan, and solutions-focused. Our team is dedicated to creating opportunities for a quality education, fulfilling work, and a healthy family life for all Georgians. To achieve our mission, we research ways to help remove barriers to opportunity in each of these pathways, promote our solutions to policymakers and the public, and help effective and innovative social enterprises deliver results in their communities. Our ultimate goal is to see every Georgian who is willing to seize the opportunities presented to them living a life that can be characterized as truly flourishing. Our work is focused on three primary impact areas: education, employment and family formation. Thriving communities are built by rewarding virtues that lead to liberty, self-sufficiency, and earned success.

We develop POLICIES because policies, even if well intentioned, often hinder opportunity.

We develop PARTNERSHIPS because addressing poverty isn’t a solo endeavor. It requires cooperation from people who can meet needs where it matters most — in neighborhoods and communities.

We develop SYSTEMS because sometimes would-be partners lack the tools to work together to address the challenges people face in moving from dependency to self-sufficiency.