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The Ministry of Health is the ministry in charge of health in Egypt. Its headquarters is in Cairo. The Ministry's responsabilites are the following:

  • Health and population policy fee in accordance with the policy of the state.
  • Work on the recording of health data and perform statistical and economic studies to be analyzing this data and extract information for crisis planning and follow-up.
  • Provide centralized health services, including central laboratories for drug affairs, registration, training of personnel.
  • Drug quality control.
  • Effective management during health crises.
  • Services, health centers and population management.
  • Coordination between health activities at the local level in all provinces


This page was created with the purpose of linking the materials available in social related to the work of the government of Egypt. This page does not represent an official communication channel of the country.

Esta pagina fue creada con el propósito de enlazar materiales disponibles en la plataforma relacionadas con el trabajo del gobierno del Egipto. La pagina no es un canal de comunicación oficial del país

Cette page web était créée avec l'objectif d'ajouter les matériels disponibles dans le liés au gouvernement d'Égypte. Cette page ne répresente pas le canal de communication officiel de ce pays.