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Development Pathways: Driven by evidence, focused on solutions

Development Pathways is a unique blend of consultancy firm and cutting-edge think-tank, with offices in the UK and Kenya. We’ve developed a wealth of experience in supporting robust social and economic strategies and programmes across Africa, Asia, Latin America and the Pacific, underpinned by our team of world-leading technical experts and network of consultants.

We’re focused on delivering high-quality and cost-effective services to clients while generating innovative thinking grounded in evidence and rooted in countries’ realities.
Our team offers expertise and a strong track-record across a wide range of areas including: social and economic analysis, policy advice, strategy-building, social support services, MIS development, capacity building and training and measuring impact.

Among others, we have undertaken a project to design a new cash transfer for young children for UNICEF Angola, on behalf of the Government of Angola, with the involvement of our technical team and operational specialists. Our researchers have also been at the forefront of linking social protection to the disability and social accountability agendas.