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Founded in 1984 as a branch of the Swiss Foundation (Terre de Hommes), Ard El Insan was established as a Palestinian NGO in 1999 and holds license No. 6037 from the Ministry of Interior. It is managed by a board of directors with high professional qualifications.

The Palestinian Human Rights Association is the leading organization specialized in the field of common childhood diseases, nutrition and community health in the Gaza Strip. It provides preventive and therapeutic services, family counseling and health education through its centers in Gaza and Khan Yunis.

ARD conducts research and studies on the health and nutrition status of children under five years of age; evaluation of the habits and practices of the Palestinian family with regard to breastfeeding ; supplementary food; diarrhea and drought treatment; food habits and practices and their impact on food security; rates of prevalence and determinants of intestinal parasites infection among children in the Gaza Strip; prevalence and risk rates for bone marrow disease among children. 

The Association has carried out this research in partnership with various bodies such as the Palestinian Ministry of Health, Palestinian Universities, WHO, UNICEF, Action Against Hunger - Spain, Terrezium Foundation - Switzerland, Global Infant Feed Network - Geneva and others.

Since the incorporation of Ard El Insan in 1995 to the Global Network for Infant Feeding, we have adopted all the strategies of the network, and began as the first group to support breastfeeding in the Arab world at the level of the Gaza Strip and the West Bank. Each year, the association leads the National Breastfeeding Support Campaign in coordination with the Ministry of Health, International and Non-Governmental Organizations and support groups for breastfeeding.

Our vision:
Children and poor and marginalized families should enjoy a high level of health and good nutrition through the provision of quality services in accordance with international standards.

Our Mission:
Providing health, nutrition and social services to children, mothers and families in order to improve their health, standard of living and community participation through society's projects and programs.

Our objectives:
- Protect children under five years from the risks of malnutrition and its complications. 
- Improve the behavior of pregnant and nursing women in feeding and feeding their children. 
- Helping and supporting poor and marginalized groups to achieve stability in life and self-sufficiency.
- Contribute to achieve food security at the individual and family levels. 
- Community mobilization.
- Access to the highest level of health and nutrition knowledge in civil society. 
- Promoting breastfeeding to ensure the health and safety of Palestinian children.

Target group:
- Children under five years of age. 
- Moms in the reproductive stage. 
- Poor and marginalized families.

Values ​​we believe in:
- High quality services. 
- Efficiency and effectiveness. 
- Transparency and accountability. 
- Trust and honesty. 
- Commitment and credibility. 
- Volunteer work.

The main services provided by the Land of Humanity Association:

  • Evaluating the cases that are transferred to society in terms of food and health, and diagnosing them and developing the appropriate treatment plan through the various programs of the Human Land Association, and following up with specialists or hospitals, providing medicines for malnutrition and focusing on medicines with nutrients.
  • The daily care and follow-up of children suffering from malnutrition of various types and degrees and constant guidance within the centers as well as treatment of the associated diseases.
  • Serving fresh, daily meals for three days a week (for day-to-day) for malnourished, short-term or iron-deficiency children, providing child-friendly biscuits and additional food for use at home as well as nursing mothers suffering from malnutrition and anemia.
  • Follow-up of children and adults who suffer from poor absorption, especially patients (Celiac). The sensitivity of wheat gluten and the provision of gluten-free flour to them.
  • Follow-up children with nutrient deficiencies such as iron deficiency, calcium, vitamins, proteins,
  • To support and encourage exclusive breastfeeding for six months of the child's age and to continue for two years of the child's age through counseling, guidance and follow-up by breastfeeding consultants specially trained for this purpose according to WHO and UNICEF specifications.
  • Treatment and follow-up of children who have been infected with gastroenteritis, diarrhea, intestinal parasites or dehydration.
  • Treatment and follow-up of children who are exposed to common childhood diseases.
  • Provide psychological support for children, mothers and families benefiting from the services of the Association through individual and group counseling sessions or through home visits.
  • Providing emergency medical assistance for special needs cases (special milk, medicine, surgery, orthodontic equipment, support, glasses, headphones, etc.).
  • Enabling poor people to access the centers and places of service and to pay their transportation allowance.
  • The implementation of health and nutrition days in the field of remote and rural areas or other areas have been identified the need to provide treatment and the transfer of people in need of the centers of the association or other places.
  • Follow-up home visits and health, nutrition and environmental awareness at the family level.
  • Conducting educational courses that include health, nutrition and environmental issues
  • Formation of support groups to disseminate the concept of good nutrition, food security and balanced food patterns at the family level, support or encourage breastfeeding, reduce environmental pollution and protect resources at the family level.
  • Train mothers in the targeted areas to spread health, nutrition and environmental awareness in the target area
  • Formation of district committees in the targeted areas to facilitate the tasks of community health educators in the implementation of field activities and to identify the needs of the region and needy families and provide them with the necessary assistance according to available possibilities.
  • Specialized training courses for service providers at the level of training of trainers on topics related to child health - nutrition and food security at the family level.
  • Conduct research and field studies on topics related to the health and nutritional status of children - food security at the family level - and lack of micronutrients.
  • Providing expertise and training in child health issues - nutrition - food security for governmental and civil institutions working in the same field.
  • Issuing pamphlets, brochures and seminars on radio or television with children's songs on flexible cassette tapes or CDs that include topics of interest to the child, mother and the Palestinian family such as health, food, psychological, etc. etc.
  • Support some of the poor families of the families benefiting from the services of the association with small income-generating projects