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Examining the Effectiveness of Active Labour Market Programmes (ALMPs) in Reducing High Level Youth Unemployment Rates

Active labour market programmes have been widely used throughout the Caribbean and Latin America as a popular reintegration strategy to stimulate the demand for youth within the labour market, encompassing skills development programs, entrepreneurship and work preparation courses as well as wage and training subsidies and tax breaks to employers who hire youth. However, although these programs have maintained some level of success in increasing the degree of employability among youth, unemployment rates remain persistently high and questions concerning the effectiveness of programs in enabling youth to secure decent work remain.




1.  Good social protection systems implement mechanisms for sustainability of income and are instruments of macroeconomic stability, enterprise development, employment and education. In your experience, how effective have existing activation programmes been in achieving these outcomes while reducing poverty and social exclusion among youth?


2. How can existing skills training and entrepreneurship programmes be strengthened to capitalize on potential gains to be derived from labor absorption and income generation in emerging markets such as the creative industries and functional foods and nutraceuticals?