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The USP2030 Webinar Series

Social protection has been growing in relevance and interest over the past decades. Developing countries are increasingly adopting programmes and policies to protect their poor and vulnerable, while international organisations and donors work to enhance recipient states' capacity to develop efficient and sustainable systems. However, despite the advancements, challenges remain, particularly on how to create inclusive, cost-effective and sustained social protection systems and on how to connect social protection to inclusive growth1,2.

In September 2018, has completed three years observing a steady growth in members and content shared3, becoming the main unbranded platform dedicated to the topic. After a first moment of consolidation of its activities, now it is possible to think on most efficient ways of engaging with key stakeholders to provide support to policymaking and to foster collaboration and innovation. Moreover, it is time to take stock of how and its virtual tools have been contributing to the development of social protection policies and programmes, as well as to the achievement of Universal Social Protection, in line with the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development, specially the target 1.3 of SDG 1, 'End poverty in all its forms everywhere'. 

The idea of this USP 2030 Webinar Series goes exactly in this direction: we aim to bring together a variety of stakeholders to discuss key topics involving universal social protection, programmes and policies, from current state to challenges and opportunities. We expect this series will attract a qualified audience and foster debates able to make an impact on policymaking and innovation. 


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ILO, World Social Protection Report 2017-19 - 2018 Annual Report, 2018