3. Webinar Series: Social protection responses to COVID-19

Past webinars:

About the Webinar Series:

The Social protection responses to COVID-19 Webinar Series will explore the role of social protection in responding to the pandemic, as health care systems are becoming increasingly under pressure, economies are experiencing significant slow-downs - imposing major risks to the informal sector – and governments are implementing lockdown measures, closing international borders and advising their population to stay home.

Social protection experts will have an open space to discuss how countries around the world are reacting to the COVID-19 crisis through social protection actions, by exploring different experiences and addressing key issues.

Webinars will take place every Tuesday, at 9am (GMT-4)*,  starting from the 31st of March. The duration of the webinar is usually one hour and a half (1h30min).  *The time  (and day of the week) of the webinar might change depending on participants availability, as well as, area/region of focus.


Suggestions of topics for upcoming webinars:

You can collaborate with the webinars by suggesting the name of experts, moderators and potential panellists to participate in the webinars, as well as indicating new topics. Send your suggestions to [email protected] 

* If you are a Spanish or French speaker, we are looking for volunteers to translate the summaries of webinars we are producing in English into these two languages. If you're interested in supporting us as a volunteer, please send an email to [email protected]