16. Collaborators in this initiative - a thank you note

Collaborators to this initiative—a ‘thank you’ note


The COVID-19 outbreak has affected the world in unprecedented ways and its ramifications are still not fully known.

As social protection is being increasingly recognised as an essential element in both short- and long- term responses to the crisis, the documentation of best practices and knowledge-sharing efforts have gained special importance, supporting governments and policymakers in the design of more efficient programmes and policies.  

In times of turmoil and uncertainty, our sense of purpose and community is of paramount importance. We understand that collaboration is essential to our work, and thus we would like to express our sincerest appreciation to everyone who has collaborated with this initiative.

Professionals and institutions from all over the world have volunteered to map, curate, organise, produce, translate and disseminate high-quality content on COVID-19 and social protection through this initiative.

On behalf of the International Policy Centre for Inclusive Growth (IPC-IG), the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (DFAT) of Australia and the Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) GmbH on behalf of the German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ), we would like to thank the following collaborators for their generous and comprehensive support.


Alba Angulo Plaza
Alice Caviale
Amber Peterman (UNICEF)
Ana Luisa Farias Barros
Ana Ocampo (FAO)
Anna Carolina Machado (IPC-IG)
Anna-Sophie Voellmecke (GIZ)
Benjamin Garcia
Borja Arrue Astrain
Bruno Magalhães (WFP)
Cecilia Chavez Mendoza (GIZ)
Celine Buguet
Charlotte Bilo (IPC-IG)
Christian García
Clare McCrum (DFID)
Courtney Calardo (BRAC)
Cyrus Afshar (WIEGO)
Dalia Nava
Fábio Veras Soares (IPC-IG)
Fazley Elahi Mahmud (DFAT)
Florian Juergens (HAI)
Francesca Bastagli (ODI) 
Francesca Ciardi (WFP)
Gabriela Garcia
Giovanni Ruggeri
Hermine Durand
Ibukun Olagbemiro (UNESCO)
Jakob Lessin (GIZ)
Jingqiao Huang
Jose Carlos Campos
Julieta Bossi (Fundación Capital)
Kitty Treacy (Development Pathways)
Laura Alfers (WIEGO)
Leticia Zimmermann
Louise Moreira Daniels (UNICEF)
Lucas Sato (IPC-IG)
Luke Harman (Save the Children)
Luz Stella Rodriguez (World Bank)
Maja Gavrilovic (UNICEF Innocenti)
Marcela Cuervo (IPC-IG)
Marco Schaefer (World Bank)
Martha Santos (UNICEF)
Martina Bergthaller (independent consultant)
Maya Hammad (IPC-IG)
Mohamed Ayman (IPC-IG)
Nayara Albrecht
Pedro Arruda (IPC-IG)
Petra Bezdekova (UNDP)
Rodolfo Beazley (independent consultant)
Rodrigo Labarthe Alvarez
Romain Chave
Ruth Graham-Goulder (UNICEF)
Samira Assma Allioui
Samkelo Cetyiwe (GIZ)
Sehida Pala
Sergio Dorfler
Shams Banihani (UNOSSC)
Silke Staab (UN Women)
Silvia Nieto Cortés
Simon Johansson (UNICEF)
Tekteu Leonard Necker
Tess Connoly (DFAT)
Ugo Gentilini (World Bank)
Valentina Barca (independent consultant)
Victoire Delarue
Victoria Giroud (ILO)
Zehra Rizvi (independent consultant)


socialprotection.org team

Aline Peres (IPC-IG)

Ana Carolina Romano (IPC-IG)

Arthur Andrade (IPC-IG) 

Carolina Lopes (IPC-IG)

Fabiana Pullen (IPC-IG)

Gabriel Mazaro (IPC-IG)

Isabelle Marie-Thérèse Cormier de Araújo (IPC-IG)

Karine Fernandes Farinha (IPC-IG)

Lígia Benevides Batista (IPC-IG)

Mariana Balboni (IPC-IG)

Marina Carvalho (IPC-IG)

Patricia Velloso Cavallari (IPC-IG)

Paulo Sodré Martins (IPC-IG)

Roberta Brito (IPC-IG)

Stefan Trifunovic (IPC-IG)

Thais Bakker (IPC-IG)

Yannick Roule (IPC-IG)