SPaN call for shock-responsive social protection examples

Dear community,

The Social Protection across the Humanitarian-Development Nexus (SPaN) project is interested in country level examples of where social protection ministry staff have been incentivised to embrace or take forward shock-responsive social protection either before, at the design / preparedness stage or during implementation.  Our consultant Georgia Rowe published recently a call looking for examples that could be illustrate explicit measures such as additional budget allocations for ministry priorities or, perhaps ministry staff have indicated in case study KI interviews some unexpected benefits they found individually and for their ministry, from engaging in schock responsive social protection. She is looking looking for a couple of simple, tangible, illustrative examples of incentives. ASEAN country examples would be ideal but global examples are also welcome.  

Can you share this call with your network? Would you like to send us a few examples? Please share your experience by posting a comment or sending a direct message. Find Georgia´s post here

Best regards, 

Zena Mouawad

on behalf of SPaN