Social Protection Hangout - Thursday 27 January 1 pm UTC

This Thursday 27 January, at 8 am New York time, log in for the informal hangout at this link to see what others are up to and catch up on social protection in crisis contexts.


Dear all,

Happy new year!  Hope the start of the new year has been well.

As some of you may know, Zehra and I used to host something called the ‘informal hangout’ on a weekly basis to discuss issues related to social protection in crisis contexts.  It was open invite, no agency hats, chatham house rules, loose facilitation, no set agenda and just a space for people to meet up, network and discuss whatever was on their minds.  The forum was an experiment and an interesting and useful space for over a year.  Anywhere from 4 to 15 people would show up.  We suspended for the summer (and beyond) as the original purpose had been achieved.

We are reactivating the space for a discussion following the same rules with one difference: there is one agenda item this time.  There is much research on going on social protection in crisis contexts and we wanted to get a sense of who is doing what, where collaboration is possible and how the products can be used.  We have asked some of the research folks we know working on this to join us in an informal capacity (IPC-IG, ODI, IDS, OPM, the now-ended SPACE, etc).  

As a knowledge management platform, will also be joining to get a sense of what flagship activities/ initiative of the Community of Practice on Social protection in crisis contexts could look like in 2022.  We plan to spend part of the time discussing this.  So come and join if you are able.  Also, just to say hi and catch up ☺

We can also discuss if the hangout needs to be reactivated and what it can look like… or it gets formalized and taken up by other entities (?)—we’re quite happy for it to have fulfilled its purpose and we move on or continue if the need is there.  As a reminder, the hangout is unaffiliated and was just a space that Zehra and I hosted as two individuals who work in the topic.

The login details are below.

Best wishes,

Cecile and Zehra


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Topic: Social protection hangout

Time: Thursday 27 January, 2022 1:00 PM UTC (8 am New York / 2 pm Geneva / 9 pm Manilla)

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