SP-Humanitarian Cash Links Update #16

This week’s newsletter looks back at events from the week of 13-19 July, providing links to webinar recordings held during that week and highlighting some of the more informal discussion topics that have centred on recent HCT/SP links.  The newsletter signposts recently written blogs and articles, as well as guidance and publications.

Next week sees a number of webinars and events, including the Grand Bargain Cash Workstream Webinar Week – the Sub-Group on Linking HCT and SP remote workshop will be held on Tuesday.

A link to the Grand Bargain sub-group mapping, identifying contexts where there are links between humanitarian cash transfers and social protection systems is provided within the newsletter and is also available here. We would appreciate the uploading of any new information if you can find the time in order to make the mapping useful to practitioners.

The "Social Protection-Humanitarian Cash Transfers links" weekly update in relation to the COVID 19 responses is a joint initiative of the Grand Bargain Cash Workstream sub-group on linking social protection and humanitarian cash transfers and this online community on "Social Protection in Crisis Context" (which is an unbranded, member-led initiative hosted by socialprotection.org). Past updates on linking social protection (SP) and humanitarian cash and voucher assistance (CVA) in relation to the COVID 19 responses can be accessed at this link.