Range of relevant publications on Social Protection and COVID-19 (SPACE 2020)

Over the course of the past 3 months social protection has taken the centre-stage in terms of supporting the COVID-19 response. A team of experts working together with DFID and GIZ, the Social Protection Approaches to COVID-19 team (SPACE) developed a set of useful documents that can help develop and tailor response options across the social protection and humaitarian sectors. These are shared below:

  1. A Living Document summarising relevant SP and COVID Resources (with a focus on the nexus as well) (here) from across all agencies/actors/institutions.
  2. Strategy Decision Matrix (here) that is structured to make sure relevant COVID response options that are being considered (whether complementary or competing, across sectors) are all evaluated consistently against a set of critical dimensions. 
  3. Delivery Systems Matrix (here) that digs further into the relevant dimensions of the social protection (and/or humanitarian) delivery chain, questioning the strength of existing systems (capacity, registration, payments, etc) and whether/how these can be leveraged, adapted or complemented for the response. This builds on the previous Seyfert et al 'Unbundling' work.
  4. A document on Gender and Social Inlusion (here), cutting across the two above with relevant operational recommendations/insights
  5. A document on inclusion of informal workers (created in collaboration with WIEGO, here), cutting across the dimensions in the matrices above and focusing on practical actions.recommendations
  6. A document on Understanding the Economic Impacts of COVID-19 i: Who, Where, How, and When? (here) focusing on dfferential impacts across livelihood groups
  7. A Guidance Note on options for rapid expansion of SP (or humanitarian) caseloads, (here) analysing experiences to date across countries, strengths and weaknesses of different options and prerequisites.

We hope these are helpfu and are happy to engage further! More details on SPACE here.


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