Humanitarian Assistance and Social Protection Linkages: Strengthening shock-responsiveness of social protection systems in the Ukraine crisis

In the context of the Ukraine conflict, which is seeing unprecedented population movement within and outside of the country, the Government of Ukraine and refugee host countries have very often been the first to respond. Countries welcoming refugees have State social protection systems that are mature and operational, as well as in some cases having available legal provisions. In parallel, humanitarian actors have responded through cash transfers, alongside other forms of assistance, to help address immediate population needs by providing opportunities for linkages between the governments and the international community’s response. This briefing paper, developed by the Social Protection Technical Assistance, Advice and Resources (STAAR) facility in response to a request by the Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office (FCDO), outlines key considerations and options for strengthening linkages between the humanitarian response to date and social protection systems, both with the aim of improving the response and supporting these systems to respond to shocks in future.