CALP Network (2021) Toolbox – Linking Humanitarian CVA and Social Protection

This toolbox was designed for humanitarian actors seeking to link humanitarian CVA with social protection systems. Likewise, it helps social protection actors (in and outside government) working in contexts where opportunities exist to link humanitarian action and social protection. 

The toolbox brings together:  

  • Feasibility assessment and options analysis: Technical guidance or tools for assessing the feasibility and options for linking. 
  • Guidance for programme design: Practical guidance or tools for designing CVA programmes, or operational processes, linked to social protection. 
  • Country-specific resources and templates: Real life procedures from specific countries/responses that can serve as a working example or template for others to follow. (E.g. TORs for coordination groups; SOPS for triggering a response through social protection; MOUs setting out roles and responsibilities for humanitarian and social protection actors in shock response, etc.) 
  • Training or topic summaries: Resources introducing the subject area, e.g., introductory or overview videos, training for newcomers to SP, etc. 

More information is available at: 

Technical reports