New deadline Help needed - CaLP ‘Toolbox’ for Humanitarian Practitioners Linking Humanitarian CVA & Social Protection - seeking resources and contacts to help us find resources

Dear Community members,

On behalf on CaLP, I share the call for resources and contacts to help develop the Toolbox for humanitarian practitioners: Linking Humanitarian CVA & Social Protection (See attachment) and message below.




Given the need for concise, practical guidance for humanitarian actors on linking CVA to SP programmes and systems, CaLP is developing a 'toolbox' of key resources.  The attached summary shows the scope of work, and the thematic areas for which we're seeking tools, templates, examples and guidance.  There are two main areas where we'd like to reach out to the broader humanitarian and social protection communities for support in identifying:

1. Documentation

There are 4 types of 'product' that we are looking to collate:

i) Guidance/tools to help assessments on whether and how to link CVA-SP -  these may mainly be global but please share any developed at the level of response in your region. They could also include country-level assessment reports setting out options for SRSP and linking HA-SP, since these are still going to be relevant to humanitarian audiences.

ii) Guidance/tools to help in design of these programmes or design of operational processes - as above.

iii) Real life examples of procedures/templates/TORs/SOPs/early warning triggers/activity plans/national policies linking HA-SP that can be used by others as a guide - do you have any examples to share of what organisations have developed to guide actions at country level, in preparedness or response, in your region or country?   Note, these could be from the side of government as well as humanitarian actor led or could be jointly developed resources and could include e.g. CWG TORS on linking with government; procedures outlining roles/responsibilities for government v hum actors in shocks; CWG tools on common transfer values; SOPs guiding alignment of HA-SP or SOPS on shock responsive social protection by governments; docs setting out early warning triggers for SP response; national policies referencing SRSP/linking HA-SP.

iv)  Examples of trainings/other materials providing good entry primer to the subject matter.

Note that where this includes unpublished SOPS/tools/templates, CaLP will seek relevant permissions to share.

Please share documents in any language.

2. Contacts

We would like details of relevant people in country that we can also reach out to about this. This includes operational agencies, donors, and government where relevant.

If you have anything to share, please sent to Gaby Smith at [email protected] and/or Julie at [email protected].  The provisional deadline for collating materials is 15th June 2021

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