Documents and case studies on shock responsive social protection - open call

Dear community members, this is an open call for any of you who may have good materials and case studies to share on the topic of shock responsive social protection. Our 2017 updated global literature review is available here as a starting point - together with our initial case studies from Pakistan (full and brief) and Philippines (full and brief), but I am sure there are many other experiences and practical tools to share!

For example, WFP have sponsored  a review of evidence from Latin America available here, while they have also commissioned case studies in Ecuador, El Salvador, Dominican Republic, Guatemala, Haiti, and Peru.


I have an interesting case study to share, but I guess it does not fit in Shock Responsive..

"The Graduation program in Peru, “Haku Wiñay” (“We are going to grow” in the Andean Quechua language) is based on an earlier program, “My Entrepreneurial Farm,” that offered a flexible menu of assets and technical training. Aspiring to be a nationwide program to promote social and economic inclusion of extremely poor rural families, Haku Wiñay has four components: improving productivity of family farms, upgrading sanitation and health practices in homes, promoting rural businesses, and training in financial literacy. The program was launched in 2012 and lasts for three years at each site. By 2015 the program had reached 90,000 families."