This online community has been created to serve as a platform for practitioners and researchers working on social protection across the humanitarian-development nexus to exchange, collaborate, and learn from each other’s experiences. Linking humanitarian and social protection interventions is a cutting-edge, state-of-the-art topic that is gaining momentum. It is addressed by different actors from various perspectives, referring to adaptive social protection, shock-responsive social protection, social protection in contexts of fragility and forced displacement, cash-based safety nets in humanitarian contexts, etc.

The intention here is to offer a common portal, accessible in English and French, to collectively and progressively build the knowledge base around this issue. This is a space for individuals coming from different fields and perspectives (governments, international development agencies, humanitarian organizations, civil society groups, academia, etc.) to share views, questions or concerns, emerging evidence, promising practices, as well as experiences of pitfalls to avoid.


This platform is to provide a gateway to relevant materials on the topic (case studies, literature reviews, guidance tools, how-to guides, etc.). It is also possible to search across all the publications posted on socialprotection.org.

As a member, you can post documents, for instance, to disseminate your own publications, to share materials you find particularly useful, or to seek comments on a draft document. As members of the community, it is our common responsibility to ensure the richness of this library.

Online discussions

As a member, you can share burning questions, concerns, views, experiences or practical insights that may be useful to others within existing discussions, or you can start a new discussion. A lively discussion forum will help foster innovation, collaboration, motivation and commitment to taking this agenda forward.


Stay up-to-date with the latest developments in this field, across the broad humanitarian and development community:

  • Check the calendar for upcoming events (webinars, conferences, training courses, etc.);
  • Have a look at the members of this community, and see who else is interested in the topic;
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Community principles

  • Members are encouraged to debate and dissent, but please avoid making personal attacks. Please use constructive and focused arguments.
  • The community will promote respect for other people's views and beliefs.
  • Any content that is offensive or threatening will not be published.
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Join the activities, become an active member, and let’s all make the most of this community space!

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