Global Online Consultation on the Guidance Note on Inclusive Social Protection Systems

Make sure to provide your inputs to the online consultation on the interagency guidance note "Towards Inclusive Social Protection Systems - Enabling Participation and Inclusion of Persons With Disabilities" by submitting your comments using this template.

This is a living document that will be periodically updated. All comments received by 10 August 2023 will be taken into consideration for the first edition to be published in autumn 2023. Comments received later will be included in the 2024 edition of the guidance note.

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Dr. Yuta. Authors.

I have taken the time to review the document. I humbly submit that the literature is very okay, and the systems are also fair. The only fear is the practicability of the recommendations.

In the case of Uganda, there are many inclusive social protection schemes but in most cases, bureaucracy and tight conditions have made most of the schemes fail.

There is a need to use bottom or program-based planning for social protection for Universal coverage. Consulting DPOs alone is not enough going down to the beneficiaries is very important. 

Also, there is the challenge of the domestication of CRPDA, The CRPDA was not disseminated fully to be understood by the various line Ministries making an inclusive perspective vague, and are not knowledgeable about disability issues for inclusion a case for accessibility within Works and Transport Ministry, Justice and Labour/Industrial Division.

Universal social protection in Health services is a challenge since all have to access Health at government facilities but they are not accessible and with no interpreters many deaf, blind, and physically disabled persons.  There is a need to have systems of assistance and devices that enable inclusive access to health facilities. 


Thank you.