Global Online Consultation

People with disabilities continue to experience greater risks, barriers, inequalities and vulnerabilities than other members of society without disabilities. Social Protection Systems designed to promote inclusion can work to counteract these disadvantages by promoting their full and effective participation in society.

The guidance note Towards Inclusive Social Protection Systems Enabling Participation and Inclusion of Persons with Disabilities provides a conceptual framework and initial hands-on advice on how to design, implement and monitor social protection systems that maximize inclusion. On some aspects, there is a wealth of experience, whereas others are emerging areas of work with little evidence on what works and what does not and why.

The present document will be finalised and published in October  2023 as  v1.0 of the guidance and will be revised end of 2024 to incorporate the lessons learned from many ongoing and up-coming studies, programs and reforms process.

Through this consultation and by working across the disability and social protection communities, we ask for your inputs, comments and suggestions to further improve the document. We would also like to receive additional information about good practices or about approaches that have not been successful and could inform the guidance note.

You can download the document here and use this template to submit your comments

Please also use the Discussion function and Files tab offered by this Online Community interface to start a joint reflection on aspects that need further exchange or to share relevant resources.

The guidance note is a living document that will be periodically updated. All comments received by 10 August 2023 will be taken into consideration for the first edition to be published in autumn 2023. Comments received later will be included in the 202 revision of the guidance note.

We look forward to receiving your inputs.