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The EU-SPS work on social protection capacity development was managed by THL, Government of Finland’s expert institute on health and social protection. THL conceived the EU-SPS as an ‘Innovation Fund’. The programme gave an opportunity to innovate, test and document various new approaches that could potentially be scaled up by the EU-Commission and EU-Member States to support the systematization of capacity strengthening among domestic social protection professionals and their institutions. The EU-SPS videos (almost 100 in total) give a voice to well over 100 of them. Please take a listen!

When supporting capacity development, the EU-SPS Programme did not seek to implement 'best practices' in partner countries without sensitivity to context. Instead, it worked with local experts and stakeholders to find feasible and sustainable solutions for the specific country in question. This approach to capacity building could be described as a 'best-fit' approach.

The approach of EU-SPS to social protection was to promote comprehensive social policies. This means that social policy should be understood as the complete system made up by social assistance, social insurance, active labour market measures, and access to essential social services and care. To learn more, see the 'EU-SPS approach' page under 'Community Resources'.

See also the THL-Finland EU-SPS website