The on-line Community of Practice on South-South Cooperation for Children (CoP-SSC4C) brings together practitioners, experts, partners, and individuals from different sectors who promote and support South-South and triangular cooperation (SSTC) for the purpose of advancing the rights and welfare of children, and achieving the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG).

Over the years, successful and innovative SSC initiatives have benefited the cause of children, but the global development community is yet to fully leverage the power of SSC to deliver results transforming the lives of children and their families, especially the most vulnerable and marginalized.

The creation of a Community of Practice on SSC for Children builds on existing work and seeks to contribute to the global efforts to advance children’s rights and well-being through more strategic and sustainable approaches to sharing of good practices, evidence and knowledge and global learning and exchange of expertise and assistance.   

The primary purpose of the CoP-SSC4C is to bring together SSC practitioners who are engaged in promoting children’s rights and welfare in different areas and from different parts of the world and provide them a space to connect, interact, share good practices and challenges, and broadly, to contribute towards fully capitalizing the power of SSC to improve the lives of children and their families.

It will function as a repository of good and promising practices in delivering the SDGs for children and how through SSC, results for children are achieved; incubation of ideas on how best to harness the power of SSC for children’s welfare and reduce inequities; and as a global platform to bring individuals, colleagues and global development practitioners engaged in SSTC - from governments, UNICEF, in the UN, as well as, from civil society, academia, and the private sector. This is the first step to creating a global community of practitioners engaged in promoting through SSC good practices in different thematic areas and demonstrating the opportunity of SSC to take to scale successful programmes.

The CoP-SSC4C is an initiative of UNICEF, UNOSSC and IPC-IG. It is the first on-line Community in the socialprotection.org community dedicated primarily to South-South Cooperation, and seeks to contribute to the mission of the platform while benefiting from existing mechanisms and tools for global collaboration and networking.