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This community is currently archived due to the absense of interactions in the past year. Please, note that its content remains available for reference.

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Over the last ten years, social protection and food security programmes have gained significant importance as key elements of poverty eradication in Brazil and Africa. In order to improve and expand these programmes through knowledge exchange, the International Policy Centre for Inclusive Growth (IPC-IG) provides its substantial support through innovative approaches. The work of the IPC-IG is built upon its previous experiences in South-South and triangular learning initiatives, reflected in its numerous publications; its as well as the hosting of the Social Protection Gateway; its support to the Brazil Learning Initiative World Without Poverty; and its facilitator role for the African Community of Practice on Cash Transfers and Unconditional Cash Transfers.

The Brazil-Africa Social Protection Community was created by the IPC-IG. This Online Community is part of the UK Department for International Development (DFID) supported project: “Brazil & Africa: fighting poverty and empowering women via South-South Cooperation”. The IPC-IG is the implementing partner for the first Outcome of the project, aiming at “knowledge-sharing and learning in African Low Income Countries (LICs) on the design and implementation of social development/social protection programmes inspired by relevant Brazilian public policies, experiences and practices, contributing to the overarching goal of poverty eradication”.


The objective of this Online Community is to facilitate the exchange of knowledge about social protection and food security policies and programmes, through a gender sensitive approach, between Africa and Brazil and, in particular, to understand what impact has been achieved so far by knowledge-sharing and learning exchange initiatives in these fields, and what are the demands and expectations of the countries involved.


Members of the Brazil-Africa Social Protection Community are invited to build the content of the Documents, News and Community Calendar sections of the Community. The most relevant tools for interactive exchange between members are the online discussions organised by the IPC-IG and its partners, where members can share their inputs, opinions and experiences. Each discussion has a specific objective, timeline and target group corresponding to the associated topic*.

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This Online Community accommodates and welcomes discussion in English. Our team will ensure that a summary of the contributions is available in English, French and Portuguese.