Cash coordination and locally-led response


The State of the World Cash 2020 report (CALP, 2020) priority actions about CVA and integration with local systems highlighted, among other points, the increase of predictable funding to local structures and systems, ensuring meaningful participation and visibility of local actors in CVA discussions and CVA coordination platforms, as well as building true alliances with local stakeholders. Within this framework, the Cash and locally-led response Working Group’s main mission is to continue and adapt the work started by the Cash and local partnership sub-workstream to the new structure of the Grand Bargain 2.0 and the current needs of the CVA community, especially local organisations.

The current Cash and locally-led response Working Group is co-led by CALP Network, WREP-Nigeria, Global Mentoring Initiatives and Christian Aid, and is pushing further the localisation agenda within the CVA space. For this, the working group is considering both the GB 2.0 -including its commitments in improving quality programming and a further localised response-, and the emergency to further support a more locally led Cash and Voucher Assistance.

This session aims to reflect some of the discussions about local leadership in Cash Coordination, showcasing the realities of the barriers to realizing this goal (including funding to local organisations, local stakeholders’ role in cash coordination structures, etc.). The session will also provide current successful examples and promoting concrete brainstorming among the audience about what could be actually done to achieve meaningful changes in this regards.