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In this issue, we bring our latest news and a special compilation of resources about Universal Social Protection (USP), jointly gathered by our team and the USP2030 Secretariat. Join us for three upcoming webinars and read publications about social transfer distribution and the international impacts on social policy. Enrol on a free course by FAO on climate risks in rural areas and check the latest academic and job opportunities on social protection. Enjoy!
Upcoming Webinars 
The social protection response for Ukrainian refugees: Poland’s Big4 social protection programming presentation and discussion on the regional response
UNICEF, IFRC, FCDO, Social Protection in Crisis Contexts OC

14 April | 15:00 (GMT+2)
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Please submit your questions ahead of time, to be addressed during the Q&A.
Iran's Welfare System: Towards an Integrated Social Protection System for children and adolescents 

19 April | 15:00 (GMT +4:30)
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Talking interoperability: The Belgian experience achieving social sector interoperability

26 April | 12:00 (GMT)
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International Impacts on Social Policy: Short Histories in Global Perspective
Global Dynamics of Social Policy, CRC 1342  2022
Managing climate risks through social protection 
FAO — Using an illustrative scenario, this course presents different ways in which social protection can contribute to inclusive climate risk management, mainly addressing the needs of poor and vulnerable rural communities.
Academic Opportunities
Call for papers: “Unconditional Basic Income in Portugal: How Can We Afford It?” 
Centre for Ethics, Politics and Society (CEPS) | Deadline: 25/04/2022 

Master of Social Policy 
University of Melbourne | Deadline: 31/05/2022
Job and Internship Opportunities
Director, Social Protection 
IPA | New York | Deadline: 30/04/2022 
Livelihoods and Cash Advisor - Yemen 
Mercy Cops | Aden | Deadline: 30/04/2022 
Achieving Universal Social Protection (USP) by 2030
The pandemic has highlighted the urgency of achieving social protection for all. But how can this be provided? This month, we collaborated with the USP2030 Secretariat for the ‘USP2030 Campaign’ to raise awareness of the initiative. As a result, we produced a special podcast episode on USP and a blog series relating disability, digital convergence, financing, food systems and climate change to USP. Also, check out an upcoming event, publications, a course, a video and more! 
Social Protection Podcast
Episode #12 | What will it take to achieve USP by 2030?We have asked our guests to reflect on approaches that blur the traditional lines between social assistance and social insurance, and what it might take to meet the ambitious goal of achieving USP by 2030. Listen now
USP2030 Blog Series | by USP 2030 Secretariat & Working Groups — Discover seven blogs addressing USP and its relation to disability, digital convergence, financing, food systems and climate change. Read about what has happened in USP2030 last year and the lessons learnt for achieving social protection for all by 2030. Access now.
This blog series was especially produced for the USP2030 Campaign 
Upcoming Event
Development Talks: Universal Social Protection and Resilience throughout the Life-Cycle

28 April 2022 | 13:00-14:30 (CEST)
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This event will cover USP and resilience throughout the life-cycle within the framework of sustainable financing. Participants will discuss how social protection can contribute to preventing and responding to shocks, and subsequently reduce humanitarian needs.
Access a selection of other publications on USP,
curated by the socialprotection.org team and the USP2030 Secretariat 
Programme Profiles
Universal Adaptive Social Protection to Enhance Resilience and Acceleration of the Sustainable Development Goals in the Eastern Caribbean 
Latin America and the Caribbean
This joint programme aims to increase access to social protection services towards universal coverage in Barbados, Saint Lucia and across the Organisation of Eastern Caribbean States (OECS). The programme targets children, elderly persons, people living with HIV/AIDS, persons with disabilities, and women.
Introduction to Social Protection: a systems Approach to Universal Social Protection 
HIGH, Universität Heidelberg, evaplan GmbH — This course introduces social protection and relates it to international conventions and national legislation. It explains the origin and history of social protection in Europe, addressing poverty and the structure of European societies. 
Video | #whatsnextforSP video series | Universal Social Protection | socialprotection.org

What can we learn from the COVID-19 crisis to achieve USP? This animation summarises recommendations that emerged during the e-conference "Turning the COVID-19 crisis into an opportunity: What's next for social protection".