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4. Collaborative Activities:

During the e-Conference, participants had the chance to take part at some activites aiming to promote exchanges, collaboration and self-reflexion. Below it is possible to see what was proposed.

   4.1 - Self-reflection Activity: Social Protection responses to COVID-19 and beyond

Based on a special framework, the participants conducted a self-reflection on what your country could have done better if they had prepared in advance to respond to the COVID-19 crisis (and beyond) and thought through all relevant dimensions comprehensively, acknowledging the trade-offs between these. The participants were able to post notes on the virtual wall, where they had the opportunity to answer very briefly a couple of highly relevant questions. They could also learn from the answers of your peers.

Link to Virtual Wall on Padlet

   4.2 - Tribute videos and Wall of Commitment

Tribute is a little software that makes it easy to create a collaborative video montage. We wanted to create video montages as a powerful statement for the importance and the commitment to our social protection work. We believe that saying these three powerful words, “I am committed” – especially when followed by what you are committed to being, doing or creating had a positive impact.

Whether you are looking to reduce impacts, improve operational efficiencies, or drive success through new collaborations and engagement opportunities – success must start with commitment. No pledge is too small or too ambitious for the video collection – so long as it is any action that you believe would help to achieve a sustainable and more equitable future for all.

We also offered a Wall of Commitment where participants could also post their personal commitments on a Padlet wall. 

Link to Tribute Video 

Link to Wall of Commitment